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Cancellation Policy

The cancellation policy allows customers to cancel their packages if they comply with certain conditions. We recommend that customers read our cancellation policies in order to be aware of the rules for cancellation.

We won’t ask you for cancellations as we have a very good company reputation in customer satisfaction. But, it may not work for you.

Sometimes there are also external factors that make it impossible for the customer to cancel an order.

How can I cancel my order through our portal

You can cancel your package online with our easy cancellation policy. You can also call our helpline number to cancel the order if you’re unable to cancel online. You will need to provide a cancellation reason in both instances.

We will issue a cancellation bill once the order has been cancelled and provided it meets all conditions of our cancellation policy.

What is the best way to cancel cancellation requests or orders?

First, after receiving cancellation orders, we check to see if they meet our cancellation policy norms. We then check the order volume and contact our delivery and logistics team to continue with shipment.

We do not offer refunds by drafts or cash. You will only be paid back online to your account. To make the payment, customers will need to send us their bank account numbers.

We are not responsible for any incorrect or invalid information in a bank account.

Additionally, you must wait at least seven working days from the time you cancel your online order via our portal until we process it.

Additionally, we are not liable for the money not being credited to your account within 7 days. We recommend that you speak to your bank instead of calling us.

What can you not get back?

We cannot refund any taxes or customs duties or any other charges levied by government as part of taxation rules for your country or state. You cannot hold us responsible for this.

Which cases is the cancellation policy applicable?

After you’ve reviewed the information that is important, let us now examine the circumstances in which you can cancel your order. Also, what are our guidelines?

Cancellation if product is out of stock

This is the moment when we will cancel your order. This is the only case in which we can cancel your order if the medications you have ordered are out of stock.

If we are able to fulfill your order, and the medicine is in our inventory, we will honor it on our portal.

Cancellation of orders due to non-receipts of payment

We may have to cancel an order at our discretion if we don’t receive payment after you place your order. After you have placed your order, you will get a temporary email. After finalizing your order, an email will be sent to you with the total bill.

The customer should visit the online portal to pay the rewired amount through the various online options.

We will automatically cancel your order if we do not receive it within 24 hours.

Cancellation due to delay in order delivery

Sometimes the customer may feel the delivery process takes too much time and not be satisfied with the delivery time management of our couriers and logistics services.

Your cancellation order can be placed with us at any time during transit. We may not always be able to complete your refund or deduct customs duty costs if your package has not yet reached your country’s customs center.

Cancellation due to wrong product delivery

If you received the wrong brand or dosage of medication, we will be liable.

After you receive your package, if you discover that the incorrect product or dose has arrived, you have seven days to contact us and cancel or request a refund. Any request received after 7 Days will be rejected.

Cancellation due tampered products

You can cancel or request a refund if you suspect that the product has been altered in any way.